Thursday, October 01, 2020


March, 2010

A Community Vision for the Algonquin First Nation

NCFNG recently delivered its Community Visioning workshop to representatives from various Algonquin communities in Quebec. Throughout the workshop, the community presented a timeline of significant events in its history, the end goal being to develop a vision to guide the community as it embarks on a quest for greater self-government.

A collective community vision developed by the citizens is a crucial part of Nation rebuilding. When a Nation translates their collective vision into clear goals, objectives and priorities, they are better equipped to create positive change in their community.

After having participated in a variety of activities aimed at helping the vision to resurface, they agreed to present the vision to members of their communities. They also expressed their desire to go through the same visioning exercises with their communities in order to validate the vision that emerged during their session with the NCFNG.

The Algonquian First Nation of Quebec is made up of nine communities that occupy a vast territory located in the province’s northwest region. The nation also comprises two tribal councils.

After having lived through a series of major upheavals over the years, the community of Kitcisakik is working very hard to hold on to what it has as well as striving to take advantage of community development opportunities. Several projects are on the drawing board, including one for the village of Kitcisakik.
Other meetings will likely take place between the NCFNG and the Algonquin First Nation, given the latter’s stated desire to acquire greater autonomy and establish better structures of government.