Thursday, October 01, 2020


August 2011

BC Region Builds Capacity by Hosting Aboriginal Interns and Work Placements

For the second year in a row, NCFNG BC Region was proud to host an Intern from the Aboriginal Youth Internship with the British Columbia Public Service. The Centre welcomed Lori Mason, from the Heiltsuk Nation onto the BC region team for over ten weeks.  This partnership allows youth from across BC to learn about the different employment opportunities within the Public Service, as well as the various urban and non Aboriginal organizations servicing First Nations communities. Interns gain hands on experience, knowledge, and support in their opportunities and experiences throughout the 12 months they are placed within their organizations. While interning with the Centre, Lori will has had the opportunity to learn about the various training and workshops that organization provides to the First Nations Communities in British Columbia. “I’ve enjoyed being a part of upholding, supporting, and educating Aboriginal leadership, and our future generations about self governance, community development, citizenship, rights and the land, and youth engagement”, reflects Mason.  “This was a truly valuable experience.”

Additionally, for one month, the BC Region was pleased to have the opportunity to work in partnership with Vancouver’s Native Education College, and host one of their practicum students from the Applied Business and Technology program, Mrs. Jacquelyn ‘Jackie’ Tate. In combination with her training, while at the center Jackie had to opportunity to apply her computer, communication and research skills.

The National Centre for First Nations Governance welcomes partnership opportunities with major Universities/Colleges that support and enhance the capacity of First Nations people and Youth.