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July, 2009

Certifying First Nation Administrators

Certification of First Nation Band Administrators aims at Developing More Effective Management

Calgary, Alberta, July 21, 2009 — The Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada (AFOA) and the National Centre for First Nations Governance (NCFNG) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today in which both organizations agree to seek ways to work collaboratively to develop a national certification for Aboriginal Administrators and Managers.
“The health and success of First Nation communities can often be directly linked to the effectiveness and capacity of its administration,” states Ernie Daniels, President & COO of AFOA, “Aboriginal Administrators and Managers are key to a community’s viability and well-being. They require extensive knowledge and skills.”
National certification is expected to include establishing national competency standards, standards of ethical conduct and certification standards, and developing an educational program to meet those standards.
“Our communities have been in need of certification for some time,” notes Satsan (Herb George), President of NCFNG, “It will be a step forward and I am pleased that our organization can assist. ”
Since the 1970’s the role of the Aboriginal Administrator and Manager has steadily increased in significance and importance. Currently there is no certification that directly targets the needs of professional Aboriginal Administrators and Managers. Both AFOA and NCFNG believe that it is essential that Aboriginal Administrators and Managers be supported and provided professional training through a national certification process. AFOA, together with the support of NCFNG, will be working in the next year to address that need.
The AFOA was founded in 1999 as a result of a joint initiative of the Assembly of First Nations and the Certified General Accountants Association (CGA) of Canada to raise financial and management skills in First Nations and build the foundation for self-government. AFOA’s premise is that developing finance and management skills is essential to Aboriginal economic and social prosperity. Since its founding, AFOA has built a solid reputation in developing Aboriginal educational and certification programs for financial managers.
The National Centre for First Nations Governance supports First Nations as they seek to implement their right to self-governance and helps them improve their day-to-day government operations. The Centre is an independent, non-profit, service and research organization.