Thursday, October 01, 2020


February 2012

Developing a Post-Secondary Program in Aboriginal Governance

The Université du Quebec a Chicoutimi is planning to develop a certificate program in First Nations governance that will equip graduates with a range of skills in management, law, politics, accounting and more.

The university hosted a two-day session in October to bring together experts in all facets of governance to begin planning program details. We facilitated the plenary session to help participants articulate their vision of First Nations governance. We asked them to imagine ahead 25 years and consider what First Nations governance might look like. This would then help form a strong foundation for designing curricula in support of the desired end goal.

The rich discussion that emerged in the plenary session reflected the complex reality of contemporary governance. The university will use this information to develop curricula connected to these very real needs in our communities. It will also mark a first for the province of Quebec, which does not offer a certificate program in First Nations governance at any post-secondary institution. Building on the success of the workshop, we were asked to facilitate similar sessions at other universities that are eager to enhance their program offerings.