Thursday, October 01, 2020


June, 2008

Eskasoni’s High School Students Discuss Governance

ATLANTIC REGION - The youth of the Eskasoni First Nation on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia want more say in the issues that will shape their future.
On May 29, 2008, the Eskasoni Governance Team invited the Centre to facilitate a community forum and deliver a presentation to Eskasoni youth.
Over 80 Eskasoni high school students had the opportunity to engage in spirited discussions on the subject of First Nations governance. They expressed their desire to be more involved in issues that impact their future and want to be consulted on governance. Students suggested they could provide input from a youth perspective, develop solutions and assist in forming an action plan to create positive change for the citizens of Eskasoni.
Satsan (Herb George), President of the NCFNG, was on hand to deliver a powerful message to the youth of Eskasoni. “I ask you to consider your futures and help make the changes necessary to create a self-sustaining community for future generations.”
Satsan reminded the students that they are in control because they represent a large and growing portion of the Canadian population. Aboriginal youth are one of the fastest growing population segments in Canada, making it vital for political leadership to give youth a voice in issues that will affect their future.
The NCFNG actively promotes youth engagement in First Nations governance and will continue to support the efforts of the Eskasoni leadership to promote self-governance to citizens of all ages.