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December, 2010

Treaty Eight Nations Collaborate on Action Plan

“In order to move forward, we need to be able to work together"

Treaty Eight Nations Collaborate on Action Plan

In late November 2010, representatives of the Treaty Eight Tribal Association gathered in Fort St. John, located in north-eastern British Columbia. They came together with the common goal of creating a plan for action for the next two to three years. This plan will empower Treaty Eight nations to effectively strengthen their governance, through unity and consensus, to achieve their goals in areas including protection of lands, law development and resource management.

“In order to move forward, we need to be able to work together and to be able to voice our concerns. We need to keep moving forward and have clarity on issues. Working together can only happen at this table”, shared an enthusiastic participant. Through a strategic planning session facilitated by NCFNG British Columbia region, Treaty Eight Tribal Association members did just that. They took the first steps in reinvigorating the way they work together, voice their concerns and plan for the future.

The session began with an exercise that allowed them to reflect upon shared history and identify achievements, events and issues that have influenced the current circumstances of the Tribal Association. Jointly documenting this historical information provided a foundation for the leadership to move forward in developing their strategic vision. Next, they participated in exercises to define the purpose and mandate of the Tribal Association. And lastly, they developed a strategic plan for future action as a group.
Based on individual interest in key areas, the participants formed teams to actualize strategies and goals identified during the session. Additionally, they developed spreadsheets to map out their strategies and timelines.

The Centre is looking forward to seeing the Treaty Eight Tribal Association take the next steps to achieve their strategic plan and goals.