Monday, October 26, 2020
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Three Principles that Relate to the People

  • Strategic Vision
  • Meaningful Information Sharing
  • Participation in Decision Making

Strategic Vision

Strategic vision is the shared, long term dream of the people – the future state that people hope to achieve collectively. Vision charts the course from where citizens are to where they want to be and is relevant to those in the present time and to those in the future seven generations. Strategic vision is the necessary starting point, but it is not sufficient to ensure complete, proper and effective involvement.

Meaningful Information Sharing

Meaningful information sharing is critical for the people to realize their vision. Information truly is power and information sharing works to ensure power is also shared. Meaningful information sharing occurs when an exchange happens frequently, openly and in all directions.

Participation in Decision Making

First Nations engage their people in decision making in many different ways. The form of that decision making is not important. What is important is that nations determine the best way(s) for their communities to contribute to important decisions. What matters is that the process of decision making be open, inclusive, appropriate to the community, and understood and endorsed by all members of the community.