About the Governance Toolkit Best Practices

The Governace Best Practices profile best practices in each of NCFNG’s seventeen principles of effective governance. The practices are drawn from the experience of First Nations, bands, tribes and aboriginal organizations across Canada and in the United States. Each report profiles actual practices being followed.

The reports provide a brief snapshot of strategies, techniques, procedures or processes that produce effectiveness in governance. They are intended to make concrete the universal principles of effective governance by profiling their implementation in specific First Nations contexts. While the reports are intended to serve as models, each community will determine for itself how the principles are brought to life in their specific contexts.

The purpose of these reports is to educate First Nations and identify ways to connect with others to improve their understanding on these matters. We encourage their widespread use and give permission for them to be shared and replicated.

The framework of each report is similar drawing on a set of common elements:

Each report includes a quote from one of the person’s involved in the case as a reminder that it is the personal stories that bring strength to the work we do.

The expectation is that as the framework of the five pillars becomes more widespread this collection will grow. The Centre invites all communities who are working to increase their capacity in effective governance to send us your stories so that they can be added to the collection here and so instruct and inspire communities working on the same paths.

Send your story organizing the information following the template used here or simply email us the details, including the name of a contact person, so we can work with you to tell your story and add it to the collection.